About me


It’s been almost 20 years since Tim and I left Canada for a 2 year placement in Botswana, and we’ve finally embarked on another new adventure, this time in Hanoi, Vietnam. Halifax has been an amazing place to live; I’m able to do the work I love in a place that isn’t just physically beautiful, but has a great quality of life. I didn’t have to go to know that I’d miss walking at Conrad’s beach, Dee Dee’s chocolate ice cream, swimming in William’s lake, and a wander to the end of my street to see who’s up for a glass of wine. But Tim, Somara and I needed to leave.  The driveway has become endless in the winter, the changes made by Nova Scotia’s Liberal Government to the film tax credit broke my heart AND the industry; and the time was right to show our daughter a world outside her own. We know it won’t always be fun, (we’ve all picked up unwanted bacteria to prove it), but six weeks in, we KNOW we’ve done the right thing.  Writing without being paid to do it, also feels right. (But you can offer me money if you want to).  I’m hoping you won’t just enjoy Vietnam, you’ll smell it, feel and hear it.  And hopefully it will bring you here one day.  Because if there’s anything I believe in, it’s opening yourself up to new cultures, new experiences and new ideas. It’s the most hopeful and humane way I know how to live.