Going down the road to Village #7

down the road

Our 2nd day in Hanoi, Quyen Tran, a tour guide and lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism volunteered to help us do a few errands. He’d heard that some Canadian guy was coming to work in his department at Hanoi Open University.  So off we went to Viettel where Quyen helped Tim buy his first cell phone (quite unbelievable) and showed me how to purchase a SIM card.  And then he told us he wanted us to come to his home village. “But don’t you think you want to know us a bit better, you know have a few dates” I joked “before taking us home to your parents”. But secretly I was thinking “YES! Let’s go“.

Quyen and Tim have become buddies.  And last week we were invited back to Quyen’s home village to spend a national holiday.  It’s in Ninh Binh District and when I asked Quyen what his village was called, he explained that it was considered Village #7 in the area.  I think I missed something in the explanation but it doesn’t matter. Not only was it was peaceful and quiet, we were wined, dined and welcomed by everyone in his family. It was just amazing.

River behind house
River behind his house
The house Quyen grew up in
green gate
A neighbor’s gate
green door
corn crop


rice field
Rice field
Village #7 traffic
Village #7 traffic



Somara and Trang
Somara and Doan Trang, his other niece
Quyen's Niece
Quyen’s Niece Doan Thi
going to church
Quyen’s brother, grand-mother and nieces going to church


Somara and Quyen
Somara teaching Quyen duck lips


Doan Tri driving
Doan Thi loves her car
red hat
What eyes this one has!


feeding pigs
Doan Trang caught feeding the pig


living chaos
Everyone hanging out doing their thing

2 thoughts on “Going down the road to Village #7

  • May 12, 2016 at 5:48 am

    Village number 7 looks like a magical place. The pictures are fabulous Sonya !

  • May 14, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    Glad you are settled in. Looks like you are having a great time. Tell Tim that we are looking forward to having Pho when you get back.


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